About Us

Who We are:

Bliss or Blisters is an institution which has counsellors and relationship coaches who are passionate about reigniting intimacy in marriages through counselling and experiential couple-building activities. We also equip couples planning to get married with necessary tools they require for a life long union.


Our Vision

To become an African leader in relationship counselling, coaching and mentoring couples.


Our Mission

To heal relationships in Africa and beyond, through counselling as well as experiential group couple-building activities in order to reduce the rate of divorce.


Bliss or Blisters is driven by the following Values:

  • Relationships – Building healthy relationships within and outside the organisation
  • Excellence – Whatever is worth doing, is worth doing well
  • Attentiveness – We will pay attention to both the said and unsaid
  • Love – Practise to love and care for others as we care for ourselves. Always being mindful of others



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