Bliss or Blisters is a relationship coaching company. Our services include:


  • Individual Counselling – Counselling helps clients tap into their own inner resources to be able to deal with the issues that arise in their lives.



  • Couples’ Counselling – Having different personalities and coming from different backgrounds, conflicts are inevitable in intimate relationships. Couples’ Counselling helps partners¬†get unstuck, by identifying and modifying patterns that cause or maintain the conflict. Couples Therapy empowers clients with skills that help to manage future conflicts.



  • Pre-marital Counselling – 10 week sessions that prepare couples for marriage by laying the right foundation and exposing them beforehand to real issues in marriage with the aim of ironing out some of the fundamental differences.



  • Naked and Not Ashamed – A fun and engaging 1-3 days Couples’ Boot Camp in a group setting that allows couples to reconnect in a relaxed environment away from the busyness of their normal lives. It also equips couples to handle various issues in their relationships, such as building trust, fighting fair among others. It consists of both indoor and out door activities.¬†Contact us with a group of 5 or more couples who would like us to facilitate experiential activities to reignite intimacy in their relationships.



  • Chin Up – A 10 week interactive group program for women who feel stuck in unfulfilling, emotionally and sometimes even physically abusive pre-marital relationships. It is a self-awareness based program that empowers them to clarify their goals for the relationships, teaches assertiveness, helps them reflect inwards into their own blind spots among other skills.


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