Dirt Unleashed

Several months back before our big day I had a conversation with two already married female cousins and they mentioned how sometimes marriage brings out an ugly side of yourself that you did not even know about.

As I entered this institution, I thought my biggest character flaw was the fact that I despised housework – cooking being on top of the list. I remember even telling my hubby-to-be then that he’d need to be patient with me on that one as I worked on it. Four months down the line and boy oh boy, I have come to meet another side of me that isn’t too pretty. Forget the housework and cooking, which I now do with a smile while whistling a tune!

This one has got to do with the condition of the heart and being totally unfair to my husband. Even the fact that am a regular church goer – even volunteer, I pray and read the Bible often… I have found that am not exempt from such human weaknesses and so I need to be teachable, that I do not know it all. Am lucky I have a very patient and prayerful husband who keeps reminding me that we are work in progress.

I thought I needed to share this story, it might resonate with someone out there…. I am grateful to have a good support system: An awesome husband, our NDOA group – Mavuno K’la, family and sister-friends! 

Having previously posted this in another forum, the feedback from those who have been in marriage longer was that in marriage you are Work-in-Progress till, as you vowed, death do you part!

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