Last month I had the privilege of service hosting at the Church I attend. It is a segment during the church service, usually right after the song service where a person or a pair, welcomes the congregation, informs them of any announcements and introduces the preacher of the day. Ok I promise you it is more exciting than I just made it sound. It is a very non-traditional way of making announcements since you need to put in quite some energy and hype.

So this one Sunday I got so caught up in the song service — I closed my eyes, lifted my hands and let the Lord have His way in me. I don’t need to tell you that in that moment of surrender I missed my cue to get on stage, by both the leader of the worship team and my co-host. Well, sometimes I believe I have this awesome super power where I normally sense when someone is staring at me, even before I see them doing so. So imagine how ‘loud’ the sense got when I had an entire worship team staring at me, and my co host, and the Pastor, and the few congregants who caught on. I opened my eyes to the piercing eyes and wordless begging for me to get up on stage. So with my cheeks flushed with embarrassment and a sheepish smile I quickly ran up.

Later on during a debriefing session with the rest of the team in charge of the service, we had a good laugh at what had happened. Something however struck my mind. It turns out in his wisdom, the worship leader kept on repeating the refrain of the last song over and over hoping that I will, a…..ny time soon, descend back to earth from the beautiful heavenly realms. Thankfully, the super powers kicked in somewhere around the umpteenth time of the repetition. It was during that moment that I realized how team work had played in well and saved the day. The choir covered very well for my indiscretion avoiding a much more awkward moment.

This reminded me of my own marriage, as it turns out, the church choir has not been the only one having my back. Hun has had to carry our marriage for a while now. You see, like any other marriage we do sometimes go through rough patches and we are at the moment just slowly staggering out of one. I have a feeling most married couples will identify with this: I speak Venusian but Hun only understands Martian! Big problem. There are times I sincerely think we literally speak different languages, and I believe he does too. This marriage is work in progress and in the meantime we are still coming up with a common language….. the Marnusian maybe. Get it? No? Anyway, in our quest to perfecting our Marnusian marriage dance, we have been stepping on each other’s toes a whole lot lately. Since this year has been, exceptionally tough for me emotionally and physically, I remember at one time telling Hun that he’ll need to carry us through this patch as I was at the time feeling extremely drained. And he did! He has had to be the reasonable one severally when I was being unreasonable, he got us people to speak with and most important covered us with lots of prayers many times when I could not even pray for myself. We thank God that our Marnusian dance is now way better coordinated than it has been in a while. The truth is conflicts will arise in marriage, the difference is in how we choose to handle them.

Team work carries the day in marriage. Sometimes team work means taking one for the team and giving up the right to be right like Hun did. Sometimes team work means holding up your end of the bargain, even when the other person is not holding up theirs or even covering for them like the choir did for me. True to the word of God, “For two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour. For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow: but woe to him that is alone when he falleth; for he hath not another to help him up.” Eccl 4:9-10


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